Mystery Photo Answer: Where’s Sam

Did you find Samuel Boardman?  Tucked off to the left of the towering trees?  Congratulations to all of you who did!

Sam Boardman

Samuel H. Boardman, Oregon State Park’s first Park Superintendent, exploring Silver Falls State Park in 1941.

This photo was taken at Silver Falls State Park while Boardman was scouting for an amphitheater site.  More than one site was proposed, so we are not entirely sure where this spot is within the park.

Boardman Files at State Archives

For boxes of Boardman files were donated by Oregon State Parks to the Oregon State Archives so that they would be available to the public.

Boadman's Masterpices

Boardman’s finest writings are compiled in folders simply called “Masterpieces.”


Stay tuned for an update in April after we at second time with Sam’s relatives.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more, Oregon State Archives in Salem has boxes of Boardman documents for your reading pleasure!



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  1. Earth Whisperer Conservation

    An absolutely amazing photo’, of Sam Boardman, nearly blended into the abundance and beauty of the wilderness he loved!

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