Mystery Photo Challenge: What Is This?

A few of the Gorge rangers were out at Benson State Recreation Area yesterday and found this gem.

Questions for the readers:

  • What is this?
  • What is it made of?
  • Who made it?

View from the front.


Close-up of the material.


Object with a large paperclip for a size reference.




Post your best guesses in the comments field below, and we’ll get back to you next week with the answer!


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  1. hmm…….. until I saw the paper-clip, I might’ve guessed something quite different! I’ve heard that hummingbird nests can be really tiny and intricate, so that’s my best guess!

  2. A Hummingbird!

  3. It looks like the object is made up mainly of fishing line, of which there is plenty at Benson. I think an animal, most likely a bird scavenged the material together and created this li’l shelter.

  4. humming bird nest made of nylon line from fishing or the material from a filter.

  5. Claudia Brooks

    It is so small, but we also
    are guessing a hummingbird nest, made of fishing line. (Ed and Claudia Brooks)

  6. It appears to me that most of the material in this object is fishing line. I speculate that an animal, likely a bird, scavenged for the material and put it together into this nest.

  7. Hummingbird and probably fishing line.

  8. It’s a humming bird nest made of fishing line

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